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Let's Go Home
*MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT* sorry for those of you who haven't seen the finale yet.

For those upset over the anime end, just remember that it's not canon ;) In the manga, Hide isn't Hidead... he's Hideing XD

Enough puns, I'm going to continue crying in the corner now over Hide's death.

Sun child. 
Light of my life.
You were too pure for this world.
You didn't deserve this.
You didn't deserve any of it.
Idiot Colonel by xxTigerAvatarxx
Idiot Colonel
How I think Ed probably maybe should have reacted to Roy being forced to open the portal and losing his eyesight as punishment...


What the hell...

Show a little more emotion??

... idk
Broken Soul

His body was screaming at him, broken ribs crippling further under the weight of the Colonel’s embrace. His mind yelled at him to run… run… No! Get away from me! Don’t TOUCH ME! GET AWAY!

The arms which held him tensed, drawing the younger alchemist further into the firm warmth which surrounded him and his thoughts were instantly quelled. He had been cold for so long, locked up in this unforgiving cell, that he had almost forgotten what it meant to be warm. 

The Colonel’s scent surrounded him… an oddly comforting mix of subtle cologne and ash. He wanted so desperately to be able to see his commanding officer. To look up and know, without a doubt, that it was Roy Mustang holding him so close to his chest and protecting him from his captors.

But he couldn’t know for sure… They had stolen that from him a long time ago…

A soft voice came in his left ear just then, trembling with emotion… Guilt, Ed supposed. It whispered faint apologies to him, the familiarity of this shuddering voice causing Edward’s mind to nearly collapse in on itself. Because that voice couldn’t belong to anyone else… but his Colonel.

He was finally safe..

Automail groaning, Edward lifted his arms and threaded his maimed fingers into the military issued jacket, burying his head into the strong shoulder and finally closing his eyes. He hadn’t closed them in so long, for fear of falling asleep… They had done things to him in his sleep… They had shown him. But now… now, maybe, he was finally safe. Now, he could lose himself in the powerful, yet tender, embrace of this man. A man whom he had never imagined he would be so happy to have, holding him as gently as he was.

And with a reluctant sigh, Edward finally succumbed to the darkness, his exhausted mind lulled to sleep by the whispered apologies and promises spoken by the older alchemist. 

It wouldn’t be until they reached the outskirts of Central, crammed in the backseat of the military-issued car, that they would realize Edward would not be waking up..

Rotating Smiley 

A request I got from an anon on Tumblr ;)

Kind of based on a fic prompt that I'll (eventually) be writing: Winry wasn't the only one held hostage in the days before the Promised Day. ;)


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Just call me Ali :)
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United States
Currently attending Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida as a Motion Design Major. I don't post things too often as school keeps me busy, but I love fan art and most of the things I post will be anime related ;)

FMA, Death Note, Free, Shingeki, Avatar… I love it all ;) Feel free to send me a note just saying 'hey' :) I love meeting new people!

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